Simple Printing Machine

SD1600-JV5 Simple Type Digital Textile Printer

  • 4 Epson DX5 print head, double 8 color, highest speed: 48sqm/h, touchable display panel with two language: English and Chinese switchable
  • The height of print head can be adjusted according to the thickness of paper and fabric
  • Resolution: 540, 720, 1080, 1440dpi switchable, the highest up to 1,440 x 1,440dpi
  • Color range: 4, 6, 8 color print mode
  • Automatic change of double ink: double 8 color, 16 ink cartridge

The JV5 Series printer can produce High Quality images with a resolution of 540 x 1080dpi at the incredible speed of 430sfph1; this makes Mimaki's JV5 series the fastest printer in its class2.
The JV5 Series enables high-quality printing at incredible speeds. It takes only 90 seconds to print 10.76sqft at 540 x 1,080dpi. The secret behind the JV5 lies in its "high speed head" composed of 180 x 8 lines of nozzles and an "array of 4 staggered print heads" accomplished by the excellent technical capability of Mimaki. The JV5 is available in both a 54.13" and 64.17" size. The highest speed: 48sqm/h


High resolution up to 1, 440 -1, 440dpi
Variable dots produce the highest quality in printing results
Ink type depends on your operating environment and desired applications. Mimaki has two types of ink available, the Mild Solvent ES3 Inks and the High Solvent HS inks
Automatic nozzle-out detection device eliminates the waste of media and ink
Large-sized Post-heater accelerates the drying of the media printed at high speeds to take up the media. User friendly operation panel with heater lamps
The head height is adjusted automatically with the automatic media thickness detection by determining the head gap. Optimum printing results can be obtained even if the thickness of the media changes. Head height can be adjusted up to 7mm (0.27")
Automatic change of double ink cartridges which provides consistent print without concern about running out of ink
1,760cc of ink per color.(4 color print mode)
USB 2.0 interface supporting high-seed data transfer
Front exhaust unit is included as standard
Automatic take-up device is included as standard
Packaging and Delivery

Packaging Detail: wooden package
Delivery Detail: within 30 working days as soon as we get your payment